Zürcher Nachhilfe Platform

Zürcher Nachhilfe is a school that organizes additional classes for elementary and high school students. The application takes care of teachers, students, organized courses and individual classes, as well as reports and anything a parent needs to know about their child.

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What the Client Requested

This client already had a basic version of the software. They wanted many new features, but he also wanted to completely rebuild the old app.

We needed to organize a complex database consisting of students, teachers, parents and classrooms as well as a scheduling system.

What We Delivered

  • Medium‐scale project
  • Hosting on DigitalOcean (deploying with capistrano)
  • Agile production process
  • Continuous Integration
  • Full Rails web app
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Project Management, Software Architecture, UI/UX, Development, QA

Toschas appreciated the idea behind our project at a human level. It wasn't simply another project which needed executing, but rather a personal experience. This enabled us to reach results quickly. Their team was helpful and straightforward in terms of addressing urgent work. From projection to execution, they receive a 5/5 rating.

Team Size


Backend Developers


Frontend Developers


Manual Tester